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About Us

Access to Emergency Medical,Psychological & Legal Aid to victims of sexual violence

Frauen Initiative Uganda is a women-led community organization formed in 2020 in Uganda with the sole purpose of providing a safe space for victims of sexual violence.

The services provided by Frauen Initiative are emergency support in form of access to Rape kits and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis.

Frauen Initiative also provides access to emergency medical , psychological and legal aid to victims of sexual violence and seeks to engage the community on ways to curb sexual assault cases and educate children and youth on the subject

All services are paid for by Frauen Initiative Uganda. Frauen Initiative Uganda currently runs on funds donated through crowdsourcing efforts and subscriptions from members.

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Free Legal Aid

At Frauen Initiative Uganda, we have also partnered with Women’s ProBono initiative to provide free legal aid to victims of sexual violence

Emergency Medical Aid

We provide emergency medical aid. We work with the victim of sexual violence and the hospital/ clinic in their vicinity to carry out an HIV test, provide a rape kit, PEP and a morning after pill- all of which we pay for


We also provide sessions with a professional psychologist who has one on one sessions and helps victims of sexual violence during their healing journey

Activism & Education

Our online work for the most part is activism and education. We use our online presence to not only shed light on what we do to and reach out to victims, but also to educate the community on various topics surrounding the issue of sexual violence. We have done this through numerous campaigns and twitter spaces.

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Support Resources

Frauen Initiative Uganda is dedicated to supporting victims of sexual violence. If your experience falls outside this scope, we understand and want to help you find the resources you need. Therefore, we partnered with Minority Africa to create this resource bank that offers information on different organizations working in Uganda to address various forms of gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health rights. It can connect you with the most relevant organization based on your specific needs. Don't hesitate to explore these resources.

Almost one in four women...

According to the Ugandan Demographic and Health Survey (2016), almost one in four women between the ages of 15-49 experienced rape as their first sexual experience and 39% of women in the same age group have experienced sexual violence in Uganda.

Despite the numbers going up to over 1 million women per year reporting sexual violence, and an escalation noted during 2020 due to the COVID-19 lockdown, it is still very hard for victims to access all the help they need. Violence against women has recently taken new, more sophisticated forms with an increasing number of reported cases of cyber-bullying and abuse through social media and smartphones. This form of abuse thrives on the lack of proper legislation in Uganda’s law enforcement and while Uganda launched a National Sexual Harassment Regulations in 2012, its implementation was uneven. We aim to assess and change the lives of the victims of sexual violence in the country.

Our Partners

Creating a community with better understanding of sexual violence

Frauen Initiative Uganda is a start-up organization with the hope to positively impact the lives of people who have been victims of sexual violence. Frauen Initiative Uganda seeks to not only provide help to victims of sexual violence, but it also hopes to create a community with better understanding of sexual violence, how it manifests and how to curb the rise of it in Uganda. Any support provided will make a significant difference

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist victims of sexual violence with medical, psychological and legal aid. To provide a space where they can start their healing process while they pursue legal action if they want to

Our Vision

A safe, inclusive and thriving space for survivors of sexual assault

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Our Objectives

Core Values

● Courageous

We challenge ourselves to the highest level of performance through creating new ways of implementing our services to the victims with efficiency and great effectiveness

● Outreach with Integrity, Dignity & Respect

We are accountable to the people as well as any partners through commitment to honesty and transparency in all our endeavors.

● Accountability & Excellence

We hold ourselves responsible for our actions while maintaining the purpose of exceeding the expectations of the people we hope to serve.

● Solidarity & Collective Action​

We strive for cooperation whenever and stand by and with other organizations to achieve common goals in their work as justified by our mission.

● Empowerment

We seek to do more than just provide for the victims but also to empower them to take control of their lives and not be held back by the unfortunate sexual violence they’ve had to go through.

● Diversity & Inclusion

We do not discriminate or tolerate any discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, religion, race or disability.

Each of our Volunteers is an integral part of Frauen Initiative Uganda

All our volunteers dedicate a great amount of time, effort and energy towards our organization, to provide the urgent care required by all victims of sexual violence that contact us. They provide the much needed professionalism in their respective departments to ensure the smooth and timely service delivery in the sensitive work we do.